No matter what else we're doing, we hold steadfast to five values that are supported by love and define who we are: 

-Reaching the Lost
-Minister on Sonship 
-Ushering the Presence of God

‚Äč-Releasing the Prophetic voice of the church.

-Empowering every believer to be a revivalist in their sphere of influence. 

evangelize | revitalize | mobilize



To bring heaven into manifestation in every mountain of influence. By empowering the body of Christ with tools to bring the Glory of God into the world. These tools involve evangelism and the revelation of sonship. 

2819 Ministries


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2819 Ministries is birthed at the top of Reunion Tower in Dallas Texas while Ben was working as a server. The word of the Lord is to help fulfill Matthew 28:19, The Great Commission. Ben's desire is to fulfill the great commission not as a one man band but to be apart of a team that carry the same passion to see disciples raise up disciples. Ben has an extensive ministry background working alongside the Oaks Fellowship in 2011 - 2013. He then partnered with Freedom Fellowship in conjunction with Mission 75165 in 2013 - 2015. In 2016 Ben attended CFAN through Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda. He then volunteered and served in Orlando, Florida until 2017 when he was lead to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. He currently resides in Redding, California and is pursuing ministry and business. Ben's passion is for the harvest of souls, equipping of the body, prophetic ministry and ushering in the presence that brings revival.                                                                   

2819 Ministries