Here at Advanced Leadership Training we raise up students to be leaders with integrity, character, financial ability to fund the call and develop the heart to truly serve.  For the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just and we equip the Saints to embrace mentorship in ministry and business. 

  • Four quarters, 9 weeks each
  • ​Weekly Ministry Principle
  • Weekly Mentorship and one to one meeting 
  • Accountability in reading, listening, praying, journaling and physical exercise. 
  • First year you are a student.
  • Second year you are a mentor.
  • You then potentially become a leader in ministry and business. Possible ordination opportunity at this level. 
  • We then encourage repeat, make this a lifestyle of becoming great by helping others become great!

Advanced Leadership Training


Advanced Leadership Training

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Our Advanced Leadership Training 9 month course is designed to equip the leaders of today to become great, by training the leaders of tomorrow to become greater. In this program, you will have opportunity to: 

  • Develop your character through serving others.
  • ​Be mentored and held accountable to develop personally. 
  • Strengthen your biblical foundation.
  • Learn how to relate to a variety of personalities and giftings. 
  • Be equipped with practical hands-on ministry and Business
  • Apply ministry and business principles to everyday living. 
  • Expand your creativity for reaching people outside the church.
  • Be challenged to love and accept others without compromise.
  • Stretch your ability to endure difficulty. 
  • Learn how to develop a team, create a culture and build a network. 
  • Discover your potential and make your calling sure. 

Raising up leaders in ministry and business

raising up leaders

that raise up leaders

in ministry and business 

Advanced Leadership Training Roadmap