Maurice Robinson is a gifted young man with a lot to share with this world. He has traveled the world and witnessed the hurting and broken in our country and others. As he returned to the states he has given his effort and time in making a difference to help those in need. 

He produces beats as a gift offering for many, drives truck for a living and has recently journeyed down roads of entrepreneurship with a hope to create wealth to make major impact in this world of so much need.                                                                



Above all else Maurice desires to have many lifting him up in prayer as he travels the road alone most of his days driving truck. With his new endeavors of creating wealth as an entrepreneur he again desires much needed prayer and partnership.   

Business Partnership:

If you have a dream/cause and a job and creating an ongoing six figure income in 2-5 years through elite mentorship is of interest to you. Maurice has a passion to help others see to it they have the finance to make their dreams come true. Simply ask Maurice and see if he would educate you. Potentially open some doors for you to his mentors and businessmen in his life, provided you qualify. 


You are welcome to shop and redirect the products you already buy from Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Clothing apparel at Maurice's online store.                                                        

You are welcome to give through PayPal to Maurice Robinson as he is faithful to place the funding in the hands of those in need as well as reinvest to multiply your giving. 

Maurice Robinson