What is "dts"

We are exited to announce that Analiese Johnson has been excepted to go on the foreign mission field with YWAM July 2018. We are even more excited to inform you that she has pastoral endorsement from Pastor Peter Wyns of Antioch International Church. She will be trained by the best, please review video.

Ana will be in good hands and we invite you to help support and pray for her. We need to raise 10k in 6 months. She will be serving and we have have many plans to raise the money. Your partnership is appreciated.                                                              

We are exited to announce that Analiese Johnson has her own business!!! We ask that you would consider redirecting what you already buy to buy from Analiese's online store. All products are premium products with 180 day guarantee. All profit from retail to wholesale goes directly to mission trip and your purchases are appreciated.                                                              




partner with Analiese going to ywam, July 2018 Raising $10k in 6 months

Support Ana by buying a $35 homemade cheesecake

Support ana by simply redirecting your buying of household cleaning products