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We are so excited to expand our ability to fund our ministry. Please be advised, this store is a for profit arm, the profit will go back into the business and ministry. Purchases will not be tax exempt through Unite 2 Ignite. We have found in the scripture that Jesus was a carpenter, Paul was a tent maker, Peter was a fisherman, Matthew was a tax collector so I (Nathan Johnson)  have found it of profit to explore the entrepreneurship field to help fund our ministry. Because we are not a church but simply a community outreach arm for our city and local church's. We do not have ongoing giving as the traditional church does. We operate by faith and rely on financial partners and our business to supply the need to reach those with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please shop here to help us and partner with us.

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So we ask you, please consider buying your products that you already use like soap, cleaner, deodorant, laundry detergent, toothpaste, toothbrushes, multi vitamins, dietary supplements, protein bars, make-up, energy drinks and much much more through us. Consider putting your order on ditto so it arrives monthly and automatically so we can better budget our finances. 

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If you are interested in the business opportunity please inquire as well. I have grown to find that the network marketing business is very kingdom in its practice and all my mentors in the business are successful spirit filled business men and women. 

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