No matter what else we're doing, we hold steadfast to our values that are supported by love and define who we are: 

-Reaching the Lost.
-Loving the Unloveable. 

-Being the church with no walls.


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Matt Warren carries a dynamic love for those that statistically would not attend a traditional local church. He is answering the mandate that has been placed on his life to "Be the Church Without Walls." This mandate and through relationship Matt Warren and WallsDown has been invited to be apart of the #UnitedChurchWithNoWallsNetwork. His goal is to go about doing good and seeking and saving the lost. He also has a passion to equip the local church to reach those far from God in there area and teach the strategy that is involved in restoring the homeless. Matt Warren has been on the field since 2012 living on the streets by faith through support. He has the inside street knowledge in many cities, Chicago and Charlotte N.C just to name a few. May you consider supporting him on a monthly basis or have him meet with your church staff to glean from his street knowledge if you have a desire to make a kingdom impact in your area in reaching the homeless community.                                                                  

Love the unlovable unconditionally  



WallsDown was started to, not only share Jesus, but be Jesus. We want to go outside the Walls and reach a people who would not feel comfortable on the inside of the church "building." It is so those hungry could be fed and given something to drink. We want to serve and love the unlovable. It started with the homeless and as gone beyond this to reach those far from God. We are the church outside. Our mission is... To love the unlovable, unconditionally. To give to those in need without deciding if they are worthy to receive. Building relationships. Treating people like people, looking past the surface and getting to know them and their names.                                                                  



To love the unlovable and be the church without walls. 

about matt warren, Founder of Wallsdown